Tallowderm Skin Balm

FOR USE AS A MOISTURIZER Tallowderm is an excellent and effective moisturizer because your skin, being the sponge that it is, absorbs the nutrition into your system. Applying the balm after cleansing will leave you with silky smooth and nurtured skin. After all, the balm simply contains a powerhouse of nutrition in the tallow with the only addition being GMO-free organic olive oil or therapeuitc grade essential oils.  Keep in mind, a little goes a long way.


FOR PROBLEM AREAS Spread a light dose on the affected area and allow it to soak in. If your skin feels greasy after ten minutes, you have used too much (however, some claim to actually like the "sparkly" look it gives to their skin). Repeat this several times a day, especially at night when there are uninterrupted hours for all those vitamins and fatty acids to do their work. You will notice a difference in the treated area in a matter of days. After you reach control, once or twice a day will suffice.

tallowderm deodorant Balm

Sweating is a good thing! It is a natural body function that we tamper with when using antiperspirants that clog pores with powerful astringents like aluminum salts. In addition, when the antiperspirant wears off, the body increases perspiration production to compensate, creating an unhealthy cycle. Body perspiration is odorless until it mixes with airborne bacteria. We can prevent odor by killing the odor causing bacteria, and it can be done naturally. Tallowderm deodorant balm is the answer. It contains organic grass-fed beef tallow, arrowroot, coconut oil, and sodium bicarbonate. There are NO aluminum, parabens, phthalates or propylene glycol. Tallowderm deodorant balm is completely natural.

Apply a small amount to under arm. Skin should be clean and dry before each application.

Tallowderm Soap

Keep in mind you are using real soap, not detergent. Our soaps are hand crafted using saponified organic grass-fed beef tallow,  olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are added to the scented versions. Our mint soap has become popular as a shampoo bar.  The mint essential oil stimulates the hair follicle resulting in reduced hair loss and a nourished scalp.  To use as a shampoo, wet hair and lather soap into hair.  Allow it to absorb as you shower, then rinse out what little is left.

Lip Balm

Side open the lip balm tin and gently glide your finger across the surface. This small amount will be plenty for your parched lips!