This product is my go-to for chapped lips, my son's eczema, my other son's diaper rash...I rub it on keratosis pilaris outbreaks, dry skin and cuticles. I even rub it on my children's scratched boo boos. Did I mention I'm a vegetarian? I believe I should live as simply as I can, and that threshold is different for everyone. This is a loving, well-researched, effective product. And you know exactly what's in it. No googling crazy ingredients. I'll be back for more... Although one jar goes a long way.

Tomi George

Atlanta, GA

I had a lumpectomy for a cancerous milk duct in my breast in March. Thank God it was just stage 1 and had not spread to my lymph nodes. The doctor still wanted me to do radiation treatments. I developed a skin rash from the treatment on my chest. I started using the Tallowderm soap and cream. It was so soothing. The rash healed beautifully. I would recommend anyone who has radiation treatment to use it right away to prevent and heal the side effects.

Karen McGuire

Hey Chad! 

I figured I should let you know that I started using Tallowderm several months ago. I got both the peppermint and then the lemon/oatmeal soap and then also both the peppermint and lemon balm. I can’t tell you enough how much it’s helped various skin issues I was having. My skin is so pale, and I was particularly having issues with my arms and hands - fingernails always torn up, sun damage on my forearms and then rough and bumpy upper arms. ALL of it’s cleared up now and my skin is back to normal thanks to persistent use of Tallowderm. So, thank you. Sorry that sounds like such a “commercial” but it’s really helped me beyond what I originally anticipated and literally has done wonders for my skin. I am so glad I read about it on your Facebook page. I am in Florida for the holidays but when I get back I am ordering my next round. Pretty sure I am a customer for life barring any memory lapses 😁

Brian Nolan

Studio City, CA

Hi! We purchased your product at the Yellow Springs street festival earlier this summer and have been meaning to email you guys. The Tallowderm healed my boyfriend's athletes foot within 14 days. He was adamant about applying the Tallowderm twice a day. Thanks so much! Please feel free to use my email as a testimony of the healing properties within the Tallowderm cream.


Brittany & Darren

Yellow Springs, OH

I have fallen in love with the Tallowderm products. I started out with the skin balm and was amazed at how moisturizing it is for my dry skin. Also, I have flair ups of eczema and it helps to clear that up as well. Recently I just purchased the lavender soup and oh my! It is pure yummy. My skin really felt different after the shower. It lathers wonderfully and smells delicious. They make great gifts too. I have had correspondence with Sharone because I had some questions, and she was delightfully kind, generous and thoughtful. Not so common these days with customer service. And I love doing business with people that really care. She is obviously passionate about her business. I am so grateful to have found these products, more and more I am returning to Mother nature and her wisdom.

Stacee Marshall

As a practicing clinician, I treat a lot of patients who have skin disorders and people who are looking for better younger looking skin. Our skin, being our largest organ, is an outward view to our inside health. I started using Tallowderm for my youngest grandson who has eczema and keratosis pilaris (rough bumps on the skin) and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked to improve his skin.

Tallowderm is an all-natural product which is free from hormones, chemicals, and steroids. The product can be individualized for scent preference. I chose lavender for my little guy since lavender used at bedtime supports good sleep. I also use the product myself as a skin moisturizer and most definitely for any skin cuts or burns. We are exposed to a myriad of chemicals through our food and environment so this natural product is a wonderful product for any skin condition or just to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. I recommend it without reservation.

Dr. Kathryn Nelson-Murphy

I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your product. Thank you for sending the lip balm to test out because it is just beautiful and silky smooth! I have started using the lavender and geranium lotion on my 3 month old daughter's newly developed eczema and it is wonderful knowing that I'm putting the purest ingredients on her precious skin. We are working with a holistic practitioner to address her inside function and using Tallowderm to sooth her outsides! :) Thank you for this wonderful product.

Justine Campbell with Alo Wellness

Redlands, CA

I first heard about Tallowdrem at a Famer's Market in Hollywood, CA, while on vacation; my husband and I bought a 4oz cream, and it's been my favorite skin product since. My only regret is that I didn't buy more at the time. 


I look forward to trying the full range of product.


My entire family loves your Tallowderm product line. The children and I like how smooth the soap makes our skin feel and we are crazy about the new lip balm. The men use the lavender Tallowderm daily to manage their hair  & beards and the entire family now reaches for the balm first thing knowing it will help resolve any of our skin issues.

Julie Clark

Peebles, OH

Good afternoon, I get in touch with you as I recently made a trip to Los Angeles and I was able to get to know your products at the Hollywood farmers market. I have been suffering from eczema in my hands for years. I have not been able to solve it with any medication or cream that I was recommending but when trying Tallow derm I have seen a spectacular improvement. Do not buy cream in quantity in my trip since I did not know if it would work and now in my country I realize that you do not send shipments outside the United States. There is the option that running on my own shipping costs send me 2 cans of 4 oz peppermint skin Ball and also 2 peppermint soap? My adress: Margarita Brito Estevez C/Hermanos Álvarez Quintero N1 Guargacho, San Miguel de Abona. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Islas Canarias. España. Please tell me how I can pay the invoice in case it is possible for me to send the products. Waiting for good news, best regards. 

Margarita Brito


We are so grateful for your products! I never dreamed I could wake up in the morning to find my face and body still hydrated. We love the unscented soap and Tallowderm cream, and use it daily. It cured my husband's contact dermatitis and our son's eczema also. We are also hearing from other people how much their skin improved or cured stubborn skin problems. Oh, and one more thing….I use it before getting into the swimming pool and it puts a nice barrier between my skin and the harsh chemicals!

Thank you,

The Browning Family

Tallowderm is the best! Not only is it organic and healthy but my skin feels nourished and refreshed every time I shower. No more dry feeling mid day. Plus it smells and feels wonderful. It's one of my go to gift items for family and loved ones. I highly recommend it.

Nate Stein

Jersey City, NJ

I met you at the Kettering Festival Sunday afternoon. The left is my eczema on my hand from Sunday afternoon. The right is my hand today after using Tallowderm everyday since I purchased it Sunday. It's been 4 days and my eczema is almost completely cleared up on my hand, and is completely cleared up from my fingers and knuckles! (I didn't get a before picture of those or I would share them). I've only been using the Tallowderm and not my medication from the dermatologist. My medication doesn't even clear it up this fast! I'm sold! Thank you so much for this product! I don't think I've had a completely smooth, normal looking hand in 3 years.


I too use your tallowderm! Love, love ❤️ it! I have been battling dry patches on my face for years. Since my sister in law shared this with me, I was in love after first use! Thank you for the fast shipping. This product is so amazing and my skin feels wonderful!

Sandi Johnson

I saw your booth but didn't buy until my daughter-in- law (a physician) and my son raved about your product to me the week after the conference. I quickly ordered some and I love it!



I have a condition called Necrobiosis Lipoidica. It presents on my shins with a red/brown discoloration which I consider to be unsightly! Of course I sought medical help, but it wasn't until I started using Tallowderm that I got positive results. I now wear shorts to my summertime shuffleboard games!

Love that Tallowderm!

Phyllis Phillips

Kettering, OH

My husband and I bought a 2 oz. bottle from you at the Sugar Maple Festival in Bellbrook. We purchased the balm for our youngest daughter who has eczema. We tried it on her face first and it cleared up within a week. We then started using it on her arms and legs, and the balm has worked wonders!  

We are thankful to have found your product!

Thank you,

April Gehle

Bellbrook, OH

After nearly 15 years suffering with the scaly patches associated with psoriatic arthritis, my skin is quickly clearing up with the use of Tallowderm. All affected areas have responded very well to the application of Tallowderm daily. I am so impressed!



Tipp City, OH

I have tried, as most people, many different lotions and creams. I always checked to make sure that there weren't a long laundry list of ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. Then Tallowderm was introduced to me and there isn't a long list of ingredients, only natural emollients that require only a small amount of Tallowderm to be used. I especially like that Tallowderm is not greasy and absorbs completely. Results, which should be obvious because you're only using natural ingredients, were visible within the first full day or so. It only makes sense to use a product that is natural, effective and reasonably priced.

Michael Warner

Indianapolis, IN

I almost messaged you yesterday but didn't want to speak too soon. So I tried the Tallowderm on my stye Thursday morning as it had woke me up in the middle of the night hurting so bad. By Thursday evening the pain was barely there, and since yesterday I can barely see where it was! I'm sold!! Malanie Redd told me about it so I got it a couple of months ago but these last 2 months I had the infected ingrown hair and stye to finally try it on a skin issue. I'm so glad I remembered to try it. It worked wonders for both.

Shelly Blanton

I am an oculoplastic surgeon and I come across many different skin care products in my line of work. I especially like Tallowderm for skin care because it is all natural, safe and effective. I personally use it on my own skin. Most of the skin care products on the market today are tainted with dangerous chemicals; these chemicals may manifest their harmful effects over years. For myself, my family and my loved ones, I prefer natural over commercial and that is what Tallowderm offers.

Amina Hussein

Dayton, OH

Tallowderm has helped my husband and myself with our dry skin, face to feet, as we live in Colorado and winter dryness is miserable! We are so thrilled to have the soap, especially now, as it really has kept our skin so much more moist and soft, instead of cracked, sore skin.  Needless to say that several of our family members also use both the cream and soap and has helped with their eczema. Wonderful, chemical free products that actually do what they say they do! Thanks, Tallowderm!

Debi and Rich Purdy

Boulder, Colorado

I am happy with your product, no extra ingredients....only tallow and lavender, feels great on my skin, texture is perfect. I bought my first jar at the Weston Price Convention and use it everyday on my face and body! Feels great! I am running out, need to stock up! And will try other scents. I have sensitive skin and many lotions with too many ingredients make my skin burn, reddens....I have had no problem with your product! My skin feels great! I would love a coupon!!

Thanks for making this a great product! Never had a better skin lotion!


Cathedral City, California

Tallowderm has become part of our every day life. I had a total knee replacement and I used Tallowderm at least 3 times a day on the the incision and as it healed I continued to use it on the scar...My husband has feet that crack and are very dry and Tallowderm has healed and moisturized them...Other products that we use are the soap, lip balm, and I just started using the product that replaces deodorant and I love it.....Thanks,

Helen Channell

Kettering, Ohio

I am seventy-two years young and truly appreciate how Tallowderm has kept my skin soft and moist.  I also notice that scratches I get from playing with my cat heal faster with the use of Tallowderm.  Applying a light dose all over my body after a shower keeps my skin nourished.....LOVE MY TALLOWDERM!

Bev Ogg

Kettering, Ohio

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