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All of Tallowderm’s worthiness has now been paired with another one of nature’s skin miracles, CBD. CBD (Cannabidiol) provides a unique balance of healing. It is derived from the hemp plant through cold water process distillation which stabilizes the oil from the plant without degenerating the nutrients. Our hemp CBD oil is sourced from a reputable organic company and is grown with healing intent during the growth and processing stages. CBD oil is non-psychotropic (no high) and works well in the body’s systems. Also, hemp oil is known to be a superfood and provides magnificent healing throughout the body when taken orally.


Tallow and CBD share many similar attributes when it comes to healing the skin, as they heal at a molecular level.  Together these two natural elements add suppleness to the skin and help heal many skin irritations caused by food born illnesses in the body that manifest in our skin. Tallowderm Ultra repairs and regrows collagen, diminishes scars, and smoothes fine lines.  


Hemp CBD contains Linoleic Acid, also known as Omega-6 and Linolenic Acid, also known a Omega-3. These are essential fatty acids required by the body yet cannot be produced within the body. The LA and LNA can help enhance growth of the cellular structure of the skin, promote rapid healing and reduce inflammation or irritation in the skin caused by free radicals, foods, and chemicals put into the body.

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