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Sharone was concerned with health and wellness long before it became popular. She and her husband John spend a significant amount of time growing their own herbs and vegetables and living off the land. There are no GMOs in this family.

A few years ago, Sharone developed rosacea and was told by dermatologists the only way to control it was by taking three different prescriptions that were full of carcinogens. Unwilling to accept that, Sharone delved into researching a natural remedy and discovered the power of nutrient-dense tallow from grass-fed cows. Over time, she and John perfected the recipe for Tallowderm. Not only did it control rosacea, but it controlled their son Chad's eczema. Friends and neighbors reported it aiding in a number of other dermatological issues and kept asking Sharone to make more. A business was born.

The skin balm became so successful at Ohio's markets and festivals, tallow-based soaps, natural deodorants and Tallowderm Ultra and a beard balm became organic expansions.


Today Tallowderm products  are sold in a number of health-conscious stores in Ohio, but you can get yours right here.

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